Eve was the first woman and second human, created by God from the rib of Adam, specifically to be his wife. Originally known as "Ishsha" (Heb.: woman, wife), for Adam perceived that she had been taken from the man (Ish: man, husband), he would later name her "Chawah" ('hard' aitch), as the "mother of all living" from the verb "chaya" (to be).

Created on the sixth day with her husband, she completed the creative work of God. He had created the two of them as "man," that is, "mankind." Equal in being with the man, she had every bit of the "image and likeness" of God. However, she had been created to be a "helper fit for" her husband. She could fulfill the companionship that no other creature could ever replace!

Having learned both of the command to "be fruitful and multiply," it can be imagined that she could relate to the trees that provided her daily food. With her husband, she would explore the Garden of Eden, being wary of the "tree in the midst" which she had been told not to "even touch" (as she told it).

Perhaps out of curiosity, she approached the tree, to find a serpent who talked to her. The reptilian form made her doubt God—and tempted her to eat the forbidden fruit. She did so, and having done so, she gave some to Adam (who was with her). This rebellion lead to her being weakened as to have pain in childbirth, and desire to be in control of her husband.

She would have two sons soon after the expulsion from the garden — Cain and Abel — only to lose Abel some time later to her firstborn's murderous hand. At the age of 130 years old, she would set the record for birthing a child, never to be excelled in recorded history. Nothing else is known from the Bible about her subsequent life.