Adam was the first man, created by God, out of the dust of the ground, on the sixth day of the first month of the first year of the world. He was created to care for the rest of creation, and along with his wife Eve, he had the responsibility to populate the earth with the human race.

The Garden of Eden was planted by God as both a home and a work place for Adam. When his wife failed the test and ate of the forbidden fruit, he followed her in this act of disobedience. At that moment their potential immortality was cut off as their spiritual connection with the Creator was broken.

The rebellion against God's authority brought the wrath of God upon the couple, resulting in pain and suffering to them and all that followed them. However, in cursing their tempter, God provided a promise that one day, there would be a Savior born of a woman. The promise was sealed with the first known death—that of an animal, or animals, to provide clothes for the couple as they faced the harsher world outside of Eden.

Banished from the garden, the couple went on to parent at least four children: Cain and his wife, Abel, and Seth. By implication, as the first parents, there had to be many other children. Since genetic damage comes slowly, the necessary intermarriage within the small "tribe" carried no danger to the genetic info in the offspring.

Adam would live to be 930 years old, but was effectively a bit older, having been created as an adult. He would live to see most of the preaching of Enoch, and the birth of Lamech, father of Noah (builder of the ark).

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